Jasmin Gelinck

The Angels of Phnom Penh

The NeoAngkor People's Alliance has been conquered, the war against the Java-Celebes Military Junta lost, but mecha pilot Ho Bình Ça fights on. A solitary sniper in Phnom Penh, she does what she can to remove Junta agents from her city. When her old commander, now insurrection leader, Kattina, contacts Ça with the location of a last, friendly stronghold, in which it is said a special caste of the mecha Angels survived, at last, there seems to be an opportunity to vanquish the enemy once and for all.

Hope and doubt warring within herself, Ça packs up the new life she's made, setting out to find the missing Angels of Death, the few mecha powerful enough to take on the Junta. But on her trail is the Junta Captain Siti, and she will stop at nothing until every last breath of the insurrection is quelled and the Alliance's military is dead.

The Wishlord Trials

Glass is a beautiful object. Glass is owned. Glass's purpose is to be beautiful, to delight her father's visitors with dances, smiles, or just by standing still and letting the light gleam off of her. Then her father disappears, and Glass has only one option to find him: join the Wishlord Trials. The Wishlord, the City's overlord, will allow the one winner of the violent gauntlet to ask him a question.

Initially, Glass knows what she wants, but as she meets other people, old and young, angry and friendly, she learns how they see her, and think she isn't free.

As Glass fights her way through the Trials, she'll have to conquer men and monsters, wrangle the hardest questions about herself, and ultimately make the most difficult decision of her life.

Is her father who she thinks he is, or is he really only her owner? And who is the woman called Harrow, causing distress in the city because her life's work was stolen before she could build it?

Ultimately, Glass will have to decide, whether she'll continue being her father's pet, a sheltered wonder, or if she'll listen to other voices, and become a person in her own right.

Auxiliary: The Living City Book I

Two cities that should be one, at the brink of war.

Auxiliary, home to mutants and the downtrodden, the poor and disadvantaged of society. Parthan, where the elite live, thrive, and commit acts of atrocity against their oppressed siblings in Aux.

15 yo Rhuan Jia of Auxiliary deals with it all: gruelling work at the scrap belts by day, illegal lessons in becoming a medic at night. An oppressive older brother who'd prefer he stays a child forever, and definitely didn't sanction him becoming a medic, and worst, his ethereal and unsettling connection to the city as unrest grows between its two parts.

Jia wants more from his life than sorting scrap metal on a conveyor belt, but his brother Rhuan Ven, the only family he has, restricts every way in which he can make his dream of becoming a medic a reality. His situation changes when, in the surgery where he helps out without Ven's knowledge at night, a renegade luminary with a terrible secret arrives, and the surgeon from which he's been learning kicks him out. His visions growing worse, Jia's almost entirely on his own, the only help he can get the boy he's falling in love with, and the war dog he nursed back to health as a child. As the tensions between Auxiliary and Parthan worsen, Jia has to make a choice: stay in the comfortable prison his brother's made for him, ignoring as the city screams in his mind, or fight to continue his quest for knowledge, even if that means questioning all he is, and knows.

Varya Kolinova, enforcer, failed little sister to one of Parthan's most revered luminaries, is given her first assignment to save the city from the brewing Aux rebellion: find the arsonist who destroyed the ghost factory, X-1. She is given three and a half days to do it, but as she investigates, she finds there are more dangerous threats in Parthan than the Aux insurgents, and some of them are very close to home. An old colleague of her sister Visca, Argus Krane, seems to be involved in the case, and dead set on destroying them both. Soon, she can no longer be sure she's on the right side, or that the all-important luminaries are innocent.

Adrian Trent, ex war commander, tyrant, and military bloodhound, has been in exile for fifty-nine years when he receives an order from his old friend and comrade, Parthan's president. Octavian calls him back to civilization with one task: catch an escaped luminary and make him face justice in Parthan. But when Trent sets out to complete this quest, things are not as clear cut as they first appear. Octavian disappears before Trent can make sense of the order, the luminary he's supposed to catch, and the situation in the twin city, which has not become what Octavian envisioned. Disillusioned, Trent faces a choice. Does he follow Octavian blindly as he did in the past, the loyal dog he's always been, or will he stand and fight for another cause entirely, and make their erstwhile dreams of a unified refuge for humanity come true?

The Crowborn Path

Fey diplomat Aaea Crowborn's come to the human city of Isar to work and have fun, not necessarily in that order. But when she meets Isolde, the distractingly beautiful princess of Island, and a voidhunter demon murders one of her fey kin, she has to put aside her quest for amusement and don her peacekeeper's hat. Who's targeting the fey of Isar and Atsaad? What do they want with Aaea?

When Aaea's pursuit of the culprit sees her accused of murder herself, she has to take Isolde's offers to flee to Atsaad - at the heart of the slayings. There, her hunt continues, but the dark powers threatening the human world might not be ones she can fight - or want to, when she finds out the truth of what they want, and she might gain if they get their way.


An anthology of weird and cosmic short stories, including cosmic horror, human made horror, and strange events.

The stories included are:

Moonfarer (A space explorer receives an emergency call on a desolate moon, but when he arrives to investigate, he encounters an inexplicable and terrible circumstance)

2115 (As alien spaceships descend on Earth, a worn-out soldier, a drug-addicted medic, and a little girl have to fight for their survival)

Of One Mind (A fire-crew is called to restore a destroyed laboratory, but the experiments done there were not detailed by the demand)

Immortal (A creature of a different world seeks a new body to inhabit on Earth)

Eye in the Sky (The epilogue)

These stories will creep you out, but at the same time make you think about our world, and others.

Worlds of Magic

An anthology of magical short stories.

This anthology contains the stories:

Seafarer (How did the princess fall in love with the pirate queen?)

Lucy and the Magician (A young girl is being given the gift of friendship)

Catching Fireflies (A young kelpie has to convince his prey to join him in the depths of the lake. At the bottom, the prey's dangerous task will be revealed)

The Hungry Worlds (A thief steals a sword, but in exchange, she tries to save the village she stole it from from a danger that encompasses more than one world)

Into the Still Places (Two races who've been at war for aeons. A rogue soldier. Two princes intent on saving their worlds. They will have to work together to save their citizens)

The Path of Lost Souls (In a world far from our own, one becomes an adult by completing the Path of Lost Souls. It's one young man's turn to prove himself, even though his half-brother will sabotage his journey)

More than half of Worlds of Magic's stories happen off-world, in worlds that aren't our own. Lucy and the Magician and Catching Fireflies alone are set in the real world, although it has been enhanced with magic. Worlds of Magic provide good bedtime stories and exciting stories of adventure and strange worlds.

Elegy of the Stars

On the planet of Glast Oria's only missive is survival, against the cold, the hunger, the Priests of the Seirios, the Administration of the planet, but when Quinn, another urchin, saves her life from the Administration and lets her stay in his hideout, her allegiance to only herself begins to change.

Over time, a reluctant trust between them forms, and Quinn proposes a heist to steal food from the local cult.

Their plan turns to action in early winter, and at first seems like a success, but once inside the Chantry, the Seirios Cult's headquarters, everything goes terribly wrong, and both of them might not survive to see the planet's spring.

Warlike: The Torn Earth

A jungle adventure set on Earth in the year 2250. A torn Earth where people live in small tribes like they did before we evolved. An Earth poisoned by radiation, toxins, and experiments.

In the far future on Earth, the names of most cities have been forgotten, and wastelands have taken their places. The jungle-forest, a place of primeval predators and a barely surviving half-human tribe, the desert, sands in every direction the eye can see, and mountain ridges too tall too climb that hold ancient secrets. Thresha's lived in the jungle-forest all her seventeen cycles, a young woman too stubborn to admit defeat when the tribe's strongest war party is slaughtered by the raptors, ancient reptilian giants that were supposed to have been extinct thousands of years ago. Thresha is convinced she can kill the beasts and free her tribe once and for all, but she needs to throw her spears wider than elder Kava allows to do it. Thresha soon finds herself trapped in an ancient maze, in a world before a time anyone of her tribe can remember, faced with monsters she couldn't have imagined and, when she is discovered, exile. But for Thresha, the only way out is forward, and to the east, the Sands and the weapons they hold beckon. The Sands, the end of the world, which no one has ever returned from, and no one believes there is an end to.

It's only when she meets Zon, an almost-outlaw, and his shooting tubes, that her hopes of destroying the raptors earns a chance to succeed. But Zon has problems of his own, a horde of metal men so different from anything Tresha has ever known, and those will have to be dealt with before the raptors can be destroyed once and for all.

Coming soon

Into the Deep

An anthology of short stories taking place deep down under the waves.


· Catching Firelies

· Out of the Depths

Release date: coming soon!


It is the year 4000.

A young synth is in pursuit of an artifact that will help prevent the impending apocalypse.

Catching Fireflies

A young water genie has to convince his prey to join him in the depths.

The Hungry Worlds

After stealing an expensive sword, thief Ristar's conscience leads her to investigate the source of ravenous energy coming from the Troll's Forest.